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PE2's are ace!

  Clio 182 FF Cup
Just got Jean Claude back from the dealers following his 36k service. They replaced the worn down Barum Baravis (was fitted by a swine of a Renault dealer when I bought the car) with proper PE2's, they also did full 4 wheel laser alignment.

The difference is astonishing. Pick your apex and bang, almost hit the kerb cos the turn-ins that sharp, mid corner grip is supreme, even had the back end playing, which never happened with the barums cos they always gave way first.

It also stops better and the tyre noise is lower; altogether well worth the
£110 extra on top of Barebums.
  Golf GT TDI, IS220d
They are ace mate, how much did the stealers charge you though? £110 on top of the price of "barebums" im guessing they had you over there