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People with JUST a BMC induction kit

  Nothing at the mo :(
Hey all

I usually have my induction kit with a exhaust so i never notice the sound

But its correct to give out a insane growl when flooring it? :D
  Black 197
Yes induction kits sound throaty when giving it the beans

Had one on my 182, Sounded lush but lost power due to sucking in too much hot air, I'm not going to change to an IK on my 197 though, instead i've thrown a ITG panel fiter in
  Nothing at the mo :(
throaty aint the word :p love it

i dont see any powerloss, mines pretty much sitting right at the front of the bonnet.
  Dodgy one
Give it a nice feed of cold air from the foglight, and sack off the standard feeds if you havent already ;)
  LY 200
My BMC's been fine through winters and summers - I wouldnt say it restricts the car from standard at all.
  S3, HD Nightster
Anyone got any pics of how they've got their BMC set up ?? cheers
My old ph1, cut down the samco hose and used the renault pipes to take it down to below the headlight: