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Performance CAT

Does anyone know if they manufacture one of these for the 1.4 Clio.
as i may require a new cat fitted for the MOT.

Having the Lambda sensor changed aswell as the CO is above normal.

Hopefully someone will give me the good news that someone does make a performance cat which fits the 1.4 clio and its under £200.

However realistically i think i may have to have a standard one fitted. I have found a Company that make stainless CATS for £124 although no performance gains just look better and last longer.

Any advise on this matter would be really apreciated.




ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

There are some for Peugeots available direct from Peugeot Sport and are basically for Motorsport use. Dunno if Renault Sport do the same?!

I also thought that Powerflow offered a performance CAT so you could try them...

Does it sound like i am barking up the wrong tree with the lambda sensor and cat if the CO emissions are high or would somthing else be a more likely to blame? as i said in a previous post the exhaust is blowing at the joins and will be re-sealed today might this fix it? I have noticed the fuel consumption is sh*t recently and think i am over fueling although the revs is not higher than normal on tick over. Could the throttle be sticking open or the ecu be chucking in to much fuel over compensating for the increased airflow from the Hill power induction.