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personalised number plate

Who knows a good web site to get one of these from please? I can only find cr@p web sites with hardly any number plates on their data base.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

You buy direct from the DVLA, costs less than going through the brokers.

Ive bought 2 from here, without hassle.


I have been looking at plates too, you can get some good ones from starting from around £393.

Have just bought one from the DVLA and the buying process is most amusing. " Do you realise youre entering into a contract with the Secretary of Transport " The bloke didnt take kindly to my reply of " Is she fit? "

Only paid 250 for the plate of R6 CUP. Thought that was very good meself.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Sangy very funny mate sounds like somthing I would say!

Yes I had forgotten how amusing that phone conversation was!


ive just got mine direct from the dvla, there really good. whatever you do dont use reg transfers, they took my money without even having the number plate and it took ages to get all my documents back from them, if you go to yahoo do a search for personalised number plates, then all the links come up, i think it should say number plates underlined, click on that and it gives you a list of about 20 companies.

hope that helps

DOH ! Dunno why that did not work but the plates are, all plates are £250 unless stated :

D7 DRL - £499
D10 DRL - £599

BUT, this could be good for when I get my Mustang or Clio V6 :

V6 DRL - £399
V8 DRL - £399

When I was considering a CUP as a replacement for my Exclusive I considered:


A little more expensive than the normal but I think it looks good in highline.

Sangy, Agree has some bargins for £250.
  TT 225

Yea, Most of the reg. companies on the net, including New Reg just advertise plates that are available from the DVLA, then charge you £100+ more for buying from them? Rip Off

Had my plate for a while now, from the DVLA.

was in a very stupid mood when i bought it M80 OVE but with a screw in the 8 and no space (yes, illegal but ive never ever been stopped or warned about it) it says MOOVE and, infact, people do move out of your way

Looks crap in type, but on the plate looks

Ive seen one I want, it says C11O RC (my initials are R.C).

New reg charge £493.00 plus £86.28 (VAT) = £579.28 plus transfer fee £80.00
Total Price Payable = £659.28. Ill ring the DVLA and see how much they can do it for.


Daipac-deffinatly go for Keiths suggestion!

Kelly-Are you talking to me about £399 including the £80 transfer fee from the DVLA?? Is that for C11O RC??? If so Im getting it!

Rich, do you think ? It does look very cool indeed ! I think I am going to go for it ! Too good to pass up !

Rich, I have also found they are much cheaper at and include the transfer fees.

Does this mean that the price you pay is the price all in ? What happens to your old plate then ?
  TT 225

Your old plate, either becomes obselete, and effectively just gets scrapped. OR you can apply to keep it on retention certificate, which means you could put it back on the car if you deceide to sell it, but it all costs money

Go for Diapac, R5 DLR will look smart. I got mine from dvla-som. and it took about 5 days, £250 all inclusive of transfer fee."align=absmiddle>


When I go to sell my car tho, I will want to put my existing plate back on, how do I go about keeping this and how much does it cost ?
  TT 225

To keep your existing plate, you have to put it on retention certificate at the same time as you buy the new one. Not sure how much that costs tho, think its another £80


Theres no point really. When you come to sell the car, you can just transfer your current reg (being your personalised one) onto the new car, and the DVLA just issue FREE OF CHARGE, a new number plate suiting the age of the vehicle being sold.
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If you trade it in at a garage they will sort all that out. If you sell privately youll have to re-register it - it wont be the same plate youve got now.

Forgot to mention that I would not hang around. When I was looking for one I managed to find K31THO for £250. I passed on this because I did not want to mess about with spacing. I wish I had now, but I am happy with the one I got.

As Kelly says, onlything with private plates is if you want to keep them then you will need to pay £80+ to transfer them or keep them on retention.

You know it makes sense

Keith, I am very tempted indeed. Have you got a pic of your car with its plate on that you can send me on e-mail ? I am going to give this some serious thought.

When I was at the southend meet the clios that turned up there with personalised plates looked class, they looks sooo much better than a random selection of numbers and letters.

Just got it thanks Keith. Looks very nice indeed. I have sent you a reply.

I am seriously going to think about it tonight. £250 is not a small amount of money like you say and I just need to work out if I could use the money better elsewhere.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah, Im glad you worked that one out - it didnt look as obviously like TEASE as Id hoped when I first got it. It was a £250 job from DVLA. Whether or not it looks like TEASE I still think it makes the car look neat and tidy, and much better than DU02FGJ or whatever it would have been otherwise.

Think of it as a nice mod that has absolutely no insurance implications!
  Clio v6

Rich clarke:

"When I was at the southend meet the clios that turned up there with personalised plates looked class, they looks sooo much better than a random selection of numbers and letters. "

I beleive mine was only about £400 and probably from DVLA ( I had a quick peek at the invoice )