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Petrol blue 182..

  Clio 182
Hello, new to the forum… thought I’d show my face and say hello!

I own a 2004 (54) petrol blue 182, had it for 6 years but only used it for maybe 2.. 🤣

over the years I’ve carried out an awful amount of work on it and recently being a fresh engine build and gearbox build. (Waiting for the engine to come back!)

it’s had a full repaint
All new shocks
All new bushes
Track rod ends
Lower ball joints
Discs n pads
Front calliper rebuild
Everything front end powder coated including everything on the engine.
Full gearbox refresh and rebuild
Brand new clutch
Full cambelt kit ect

engine is currently being built, full bottom end rebuild + cylinder head just been done with 16 new valves and seals!

buzzing to have it back out and finally get to a meet!!


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  Clio 182
Ah my apologies, not many PB's around to know! Still can't have been cheap though ;)
Haha I know man, many think it’s a Pearl but it isn’t. It’s not a cheap job to most, but I’m a detailer who worked alongside the body shop that painted it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so it certainly was cheap!