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  Clio1.2 R reg MK2 Phase 1
Hi guys,

just got back from a week on holiday, turned my Mark 2 Phase 1 (1998) Clio on, and through the fan, no a/c, there was a nasty smell of petrol coming in? not too bad, but fairly obvious!

Is this a common problem, or rather a serious problem? any help would be great. Diagnostics near speedometer showed nothing wrong, half a tank of fuel and everything on appearance ok under bonnet?

  nissan sunny gtir
hello mate check under the back seat the top of petrol filter i think i had this problem once and the whole thing just needed to be tightened up but just come all of a sudden
  Clio1.2 R reg MK2 Phase 1
Will i be able to drive with the problem in the mean time? if it is a fuel return pipe?
  Dynamique S 138
depends where its leaking i suppose but wouldnt advise it really, try sealing it with something, you can get replacement pipes from scrappies/renault etc
  Clio1.2 R reg MK2 Phase 1
Hi, just gone out and had a look, the problem does not start until i turn the engine on, and the smell goes after a while.

The air intake is at the top of the bonnet near the windscreen wipers, so do you think that i will be a cracked pipe?

Is it a common problem with Clio's? Quite annoying as need to drive tomorrow!