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Ph1 172 excited and concerned...

  Clio ph1 172 & Puma
Hi fellow petrol heads, members and enthusiasts!

So having been doing my research, and longing for a Clio 172 for some time, I have decided to forget the many horror stories I've read over time and the niggles that seem to afflict many of these cars and have purchased a phase 1 172 that I will be collecting in 2 days time.

It's only right I say hi now, before I'm crying into my keyboard asking for help - hence the concern, or my wallets concern perhaps, for the future! :p

My partner and I are living in Ireland but originally are from Buckinghamshire. We have had a few performance cars in our time as her good self loves the speed and even had a race license. I won't bore you with a list but past cars most noteworthy have included a 205 1.9 GTi, a Puma 1.7 'Black', Golf GTi 1.8T, Mk2 XR2 yadda yadda...

So yeah, we have landed ourselves a 2001 phase 1 172 in the silver with air con. The garage will be changing the cambelt, aux belt, water pump, de-phaser thingy, handbrake cable and the heater resistor pack (fan only working on highest speed). The belts were done last at 50k and it is now on 90k. The last owner worked at a Renault main dealers and seems to have really taken care of it. Hopefully I won't regret buying it anyway! :D

Anyway, that's enough waffle from us, if anyone else on here is from around Ireland do say hi!


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
A lot of the horror stories originate from bad cambelt changes.

Make sure the person doing it can do it, preferably use a specialist.