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ph1 172 headlights

  Mec 350 slk manual
Hi does anyone know how much a brand new set of these are and where to get them?
I'm talking about the actual dual optic headlights(the lenses),not the bulbs.

i picked up a pair from Adam Renault Wolverhampton £170 ish
  172 Ph1/Scooby MY00
^^^^^^ This, cheaper than ECP.

After five damn years of dim rubbish lights it's brilliant again. Tried the refurb option, waste of a whole weekend (just like trying to fix aPh1 throttle body, just buy it new).

If you do change the lights make sure to fix the auto levelling motor in correctly. Trying to fit one of these in-situ because you messed up on the drivers side is a bit of a challenge.