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ph1 172 rocker cover refurb?

  Cooper S JCW
I was thinking about removing/painting/refitting my rocker/plenum cover on my ph1 172. I've just been in to Renault and the parts guy said that there is no solid gasket part to replace. Is this true for the ph1 172? are there any other parts I will need too? Is it a simple removal/refit or should I get a used one and get a mechanic to change them over?

Before someone says it I have had a look back through old posts but not much info on the ph1 172 covers! :)
  Lionel Richie
its the plenham chaber, NOT the rocker cover

easy peasy to remove, all 10mm bolts

the join between the plenham and inlent manifold has a crush gasket, and a few ££