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PH1 172 Throttle Cable Change?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys,

Went to change the throttle cable on my PH1 this weekend, but didnt have much luck!
Mainly down to the fact that I had no idea where it went as soon as it went behind the soundproofing.
I have searched for a guide on changing it but came up with nothing!

Anybody any ideas? or know of a guide I can look through?

Well, you know where it starts, it ends up connected near to the throttle body,induction piping, air box I guess. I don't have Ph 1 so I'm not too sure, can't be that hard to find.
  RB FF 182
PM classicsheepflavour, he changed his when he had a Ph1!

I don't know how often he comes on here, maybe try emailing him via his profile?
Take drivers side wheel off and arch liner. Undo cable at TB, Undo cable at throttle pedal, pull back bulkhead sound deadening for access when needed. Might take a strong tug to withdraw cable from bulkhead but the rest is simple re-routing.

Forgot to say for finding where the cable goes .Sit on the ground and look through the wheel arch towards the bulkhead and you will see the clutch and accelerator cables.