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ph2 clio 172 cup need help

  Renault Clio 172 cup
i own a ph2 clio 172 cup and recently i have been having issues with it starting

where is starts but i have to pump the throttle to keep it started but when i go into reverse or any gear and go to drive i have very little throttle and i have to put my foot down to get the revs high enough so it doesn't stall but soon as i slow down and put the clutch in it stalls and shuts off and refusing to start and just starts to over fuel i have changed things like
throttle body
map sensor
tdc/crankshaft sensor
new spark plugs

i do have a po141 fault code

any help would be really appreciated



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  Whichever has fuel
Have you tried the lamda sensor?
  Renault Clio 172 cup
i have unplugged the o2 sensor infront of the cat havent tried the one between the manifold and the cat, would unplugging it make a difference