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phase 1 & 2

Look on the side of the car, on the phase 1 the model will be nest to the repeater, if its a phase 2 it will be on the bump strip.
Or, on the boot, Phase 1 badges are on the plastic trim, on the phase 2 they are on the boot its self

Phase 1: Black grill, black rear spoiler, black edge on bottom of tailgate. If upholstery isnt velour should have blue/yellow badge on B-pillar that matches the cloth interior as well as the badging described by Bjeno.

yeah it must be a phase 1, its just someone is selling on here an interior that he said is phase 2...thats the interior in mine thats why i wasnt sure.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

mines late phase 1 interior im selling matey! The earlier phase 1 is green and yellow squares i think.