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Phase Evolution Clio

have seen this car in the fklesh, sunning is not the word
s1600 kit too :D

i dont even want to think how much money went into it though :sick:

matt, probably cost them peanuts, but it sounds amazing, and as a fabricator, its a stunning piece of work

graphics arent to everyones tastes though

Quote: Originally posted by telford_mike on 25 March 2005
Incredible, but useless!

as a demo car, i think it has an excellent use, nothing better than something extreme advertising a product like theirs

^^^thats it exactly if you dont show the extreme then the middle road will never be achieved.

It all about setting off your imagination, then putting it in perspective afterwards.

Thats how innovation works, it not a custom car its art, designed to inspire , sounds anal but its the truth.

If you want normal cars modded you go to a cruise, a show is for the outrageous.

Have to say I hate it but theres some good ideas there so it works and serves it purpose
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Its beautifully done, and I guess youre right, as an example of what can be achieved it serves its purpose.

What happens to these cars after the music stops?
  A silver Honda

f**king hell! mental.

Whats with the cheesy background music?

It sounds like they ripped it from a Megadrive game lol.