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Philips Blue Vision Bulbs


I have a 2005 1.2 16v clio, and really hate the 'yellowness' of the bulbs when on dipped beam. I was browsing the internet for bulbs, and came across philips blue visions on the 'powerbulbs' website. Ive searched the boards, and am i right in saying the fitment for my type of clio would be H4? (

Also, i see on the bottom of that page, "Please note: Philips Blue Vision W5W sidelights (instead of Osram) will be sent as the free offer with orders of this product", does anyone know if this offer is still on? And would they be the correct type of sidelights for my model of clio yes?

Thanks in advance.
  Polo + Micra
you will need a H7 fitment for your dipped beam and H1 for your main beam iirc
you will need a H7 fitment for your dipped beam and H1 for your main beam iirc

just looking on the powerbulbs site again... saw the H7 blue vision bulbs, which seem to have 4 bulbs in the pack... sorry if this is wrong but i thought there was one dipped beam and one main beam bulb in one side of the headlight, then a single bulb sidelight in the other side?
  Polo + Micra
in that H7 pack it looks like you get a set of side light "bulbs" aswell

as you look at the lights you'll have your H7 dipped in the one round reflector nearest the outside then your main beam and side lights in the one next to the grill
  Clio 1.2 16v Mk2Ph2
Im looking to upgrade my bulbsa too. Anyone have any idea what the Ring Ultra Xenons are like? My local motor parts store can do them for 10.99 a pair so makes it cheaper than the phillips. The store says they are just as good. Any opinions?