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Pic of my Cup

I havent any badges either on the side door pillars, waiting for them in the post. Would be interested in anyone who has them on a car, if any have.

So I can make sure they go on in the right postion

It is a Welsh plate, but I live in Plymouth

My best mate works for Renault Swansea as an RTE. Hence why I got such amazing discount on the Cup. A free tank of juice, car mats, free tins of sweets for my kids and a cool plate.

Couldnt really ask for more, except they could have given me a V6 instead.
  996 Carrera

Ive just rechecked the 172 Cup brochure I got from a couple of dealers - the double-page photo on the middle pages has the badges inline with the bottom of the windows.

Mine should be in the post soon when the dealer has ordered them, although theyve said they arent on the parts database yet.

The dealer also kept referring to them as stickers, not badges.

BTW - is everyone on this forum as picky as me!

Dave remove that security sticker on the door and for that matter the renault elf sticker on the back and the two airbag stickers on the front screen - looks so much tidier mate!!!!!