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Pic of my Willy

hehe, testing out the new uploader!

Car looks mint Louise - Bet ya cant wait to get it back!


Phew! I thought there was going to be some strange transexual picture then.

Its rather nice, very clean and shiney. Is that another clio park behind it? I thought it was at first, but now I am not to sure. The door window looks a bit strange and the wing mirrors and the lock. So...Peogeot?

  clio 20v

LOL knew it was gonna be a transexual willy gag as well

its getting far too predictable still funny tho the willy gags will neva die hehehehehehe :devilish:



  Audi TT Stronic

wow.. that is one shiney car..

looks well nice.. i hope my car still looks that shiney when its a few years older.
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Hummmmmm must have been one of those rare days when it got a polish :eek: ;)lol na, looks well nice Lou.

Wonder how long it will last this time before breaking again :D