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pic req: bumper cut for exhaust

  E87 118i
any one got pics of their mk2 with the bumper slighty cut for a single tail pipe, small oval if possible....

or is it not really necesarry to have it cut ?

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  E87 118i
thanks, I had thought of the 182 surround, but kinda fancied the oval tail pipe, was gonna ask if it will fit the ph1 bumper, but the silver ones answers does it fit to the bumper and ahs anyone got a part number ???
  Dci 100
Day said:
It's a bit dirty but there is nothing wrong with the welds youth.

have you got any videos or recordings of the sound of that Day, I'm gonna take mine to get one as soon as i pick up the car :D is yours a 2" pipework mild sport one??
  Dci 100
cheers Day, thats pretty nice, smooth sounding

wonder how the K-tec recessed one compares to that, apart from being more expensive and having to fit it yourself lol