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Pic Req Please - :) Colour Coding + Rims...

  03 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique
PS Pic request please. Could anyone do following to the image below at all please:

- Colour coded door strips [excluding the 1.6 16v side badge obviously] + Front bumper including the panel behind the reg plate but leave splitter as it is please :)

- Add the below rims if possible please [I love them, think they'll look pretty smart but want a virtual confirmation first ;)]

- Lowered around 40mm

- Add a 182 spoiler but I dont know if that can be done with that image so not to worry too much....

These are basically the mods I've got in mind for my va va :) Just wanna check they wont look p00p or spoil it, and ensure they're Subtle as thats what I've got in mind.





  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
Honestly don't think those rims will suit. Not fancy 172 16's? And lower 60mm?

Rest of the plans sound spot on tho.
  Leon Cupra R 225
I agree with Ali, get some 172 rims in mint cond of course and lower it 60mm on coilies that will suit well
  03 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique
Thanks Stu, good work! looks quite cool actually :) Are they the gold ones im guessing, I just thought the red and black theme would go really well?

Ali + Tommy:
Yeah looked at the 172 5 spokes, but appearance would be no different. I know some of you hate them, but I thought Turinis in black? Silver/grey just wouldn't look right... I'm a big multispoke fan. Its growing up with all the XR2i's/Novas/Cavaliers/Saxos etc on 3 spokes and 5 spokes that has put me of that style for life ;) !

Toyed with the idea of some 182 rims but again, not black therefore wouldn't look the complete dogs.

Not overly bothered about the lowering, I think 40mm/45mm would do on Eibachs or similar;
That would give me a smooth ride with good handling, right?
Would also mean can have 3 passangers still with full lock on 16"/50 profile tyres too I would hope :)

Thanks chaps,

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  03 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique
And would skirts be worth it on a 45mm drop say instead of 60mm?


  No more clio's for me!
That would look mint with some 'sport' bits on it, i.e bumper, skirts and spoiler, especially in that colour.

Get some 182 rims and do 'em black!

  No more clio's for me!
182/172 skirts are stuble mate, and black 182 rims would look sweet. I've just done my 172 rims black and i'm well happy with it! :)
  03 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique
Yeah, I looked at a thread the other day with sprayed black 172 rims, looked sweet! [Probably yours?! Can't Remember...]

Yeah ebay/FS forum on here best place for 182 skirts im guessing?

What do 182 rims in 'black' actually look like? Cant imagine them darker than anthracite...