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Pic Request: Carbon Fibre 1.2 engine cover?

  "Navy" N17 TWO
You should really have been at PCC ;)

  "Navy" N17 TWO
It's my engine bay with Scuba_Steve's 1.2 cover set on top at one of our meets - the craic was 91 :rasp:
  Golf TDI
if there is alot of interest in this why dont someone get in contact with a guy called " bic " he is from streamline carbon . there is a group buy on alot of stuff at the moment in the for sale section . im sure he could get something made up for a good price ...
Is there such a thing available as the engine cover on the 1.2 engine cover is about the size of a thumbnail..
  Stagecoach Ticket
anyone? or even sprayed ones?

I did my engine bay out and it looks ok for what it is.
I did the fuse cover and all my caps aswell

You can just pop the cover off and spary it like you would anything else


Hill power do some nice touchs

Big induction kit, chrome covers and strut covers
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Mine doesn't either...but if it did it'd probably 'the best Clio in the world' unfortunately Carlsberg don't do Clio's but if they did..


Steven, contact the 2 guys as above (Bic & Tonyt) about doing the cover in Carbon
Or you could get a spare one at a breakers and experiment with some spraying :)