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Pic Request: mk1s with 16s/17s

If anyone has any pictures of a mk1 clio with either 16s or 17s, it would be great if you could post them up! i am thinkin about gettina new set and cant decide which size to get!! lol

thanks in advance!
  Punto/Clio GTT

justin get 15s dude n slam it, no arch problems, run it on 195 50 15s, cheaper than 45s and feel better on the road imo

its already on 15s and has been lowered, i only bought these alloys as i was on a tight budget and had brand new tyres on them, so was a bit of a bargain. but am startin to want bigger wheels, and morrettes are comin soon (maybe a badboy bonnet aswell)
  A silver Honda

It scrubbed on rear when i hit any potholes and when i had one passenger lol.

Id say you need to get busy with an angle grinder on the rear bumper brackets, rear arch lip and fit 16v wings on the front for no scrubbage.

If i had a bodykit, id fit 17s. But its best to stick with 15s or 16s IMO.

[Edited by Darth Oli on 3/7/2005 6:24:44 PM]

cheers for the pics guys! think im goin to order a set of 16s next month

[Edited by justinRT on 08 March 2005 at 5:37pm]

nathanH, cant believe thats the same car lol, looks totally different!
  Trophy #473

Cheers Justin, But dont get 16s youll regret it later, get some 17s (or keep the 15s) there not that hard to get on, ill take you a day max. Mine dont rub, at all. they used to on the back but now ive fixed that, you can drive like a maniac and they wont make a sound.


seriously? i really want 17s but 16s just seem more practical, ie not as much arch work! lol... my mates are trying to talk me into gettin the 16v instead! im not sure?
  Trophy #473

17s are impractical, but than again so are 16s there still gonna rub, so might as well go all out and get some 17s, yeah theyll cost more and so will the tyres (depend what ones you get) But theyll look fantastic, how much have you lowered your car. mines -55mm, ive also got adjustable dampers, they do help i must admit, and is a part of the reason why they dont catch.

Also depends what roads you drive and how you drive. you will lose a lot of power tho.

[Edited by nathanH on 08 March 2005 at 6:05pm]

When the car was blue it was on standard suspension, the front never caught and the back did on occasions with 2 in the back and big bumps, plus i did no arch work.

Mines is lowered 55mm but only on springs, and i am either going to keep on modding my RT, or buy a 16v, really not sure, think it makes sense to keep the RT and build up NCD, then can always switch the stuff over to the 16v. cheers for the input nathan!!
  Trophy #473

Hey no problem, Sounds best to keep the RT, no point in spending thousands a year to insure a Valver, its dead money.