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pic request: your rollcaged clio

What are the insurance implications on having one?

I thought that most will void your policy due to the horrendous effects they have in a RTA.... without a helmet on.

You will probably have to get a specialised insurance - plus wear a helmet when your driving around.

This is what is putting me off fitting one in my track 172...

Loving that seat aaronc!
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What horrendous effects? Surely no-one would fit one if they didnt make it safer...
The safety implications are if you hit your head on the cage bars in an RTI, can split the skull open without a helmet. Padding obviouly helps but can still be nasty.
Yep Williams your correct.... split open like a coconut.

Some pics Ive seen on here of some roll cage installs have been really worrying..... namely the ones where the bars run down the rear passengers seats.... yes... whilst the seats are still installed - not stripped!!!!! I sincerely hope they dont carry any passengers!

If your getting a roll cage you must think about why your getting it.... tracking/competing - thumbs up! but if your going to use it on the road regularly then be warned of the implications of what happens in a crash.

Yes and most insurance companies will void your insurance instantly on fitting a RC... get some specialist cover.
Padding and don't forget being strapped in with 4/5 point harnesses will prevent this from happening.
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Good peace of mind when driving on track.

I thought insurers hated them, as fitting one could mean you drive on track, and that you drive in a style which could mean rolling the car...

Thus causing much damage, and making you a higher insurance risk.
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My premuim stayed the same:) with a cage, should be no problem if you are with a mod friendly insurer.

It's properly fitted now...but I have no pics.

I anyone wants clues as to why I went for one lol

aaronc said:
Padding and don't forget being strapped in with 4/5 point harnesses will prevent this from happening.
Not always so, today in racing news;

Adrian Newey (F1 designer) was knocked out cold in a crash into a barrier (causing only light damage to the car) knocking his head on the cage/rollbar in a classic Jag whilst wearing a crash helmet. I've seen people hit the steering wheel in an accident wearing a 4/6 point harness, they still stretch under force.