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Pick this up next weekend!


South Central-Oxfordshire
ClioSport Area Rep
Put my deposit down today. Pretty chuffed!

Unfortunately didn't get my own piccies - that'll be next week!
Here's the dealer's pics.

My Clio.jpgMy Clio 2.jpg

DCi 86 model with A/C

It's got some minor scuffs on the back bumper that I will get sorted.

Also; the trim around the radio, has actually peeled away and is a bit manky. So it's either a replace job, or get e aluminium trim and put it over the top after cleaning it up.

Then the next jobs are Nervasports alloys, lowering springs, and possibly a remap.
Already got the alloys, so going to refurb them and get some tyres on.
Lowering springs on order, and a remap will be a bit further down the line.

Also will get some mats, a shorter aerial, silvervision bulbs and look at getting a spoiler at some point should funds allow.