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Pics of 172 Ph1 with Turbines?

  182 Cup/Mk5 Gti
i think they look really nice if the colour combo is good! one of my fave reno wheels :D
theres a exclusive with them on pistonheads
Im just refurbing a set to put on my cup. Not sure what colour tho, im thinking silver or even a nice chrome.

edit: just seen the excluive on PH, very slack camera work, cant make out what they look like on the car. Ive spent hours looking for ph2's whith turbines and ive only found equally pathetic camera angles
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  Never above 25mpg

Hai Not a PH1 172 but best you're gonna get

  RB 182 cup
have got that many pics as the paint went funny after my track day so are currently being refured. will post up loads more once back on



  Vw caddy tdi
If you want a set friend has these for sale mint turbines new tyres, mirror polished with caps and lockers.. ;-0

let me no if intrested £280 offers concidered space needed.