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Pics of clio’s!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

After reading peoples profiles using this forum your cars sound sweet, wouldnt mind seeing any pics of those whos arent already in the gallery.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Both cars look sweet, think ive seen the cream leather interior before, and the shine on the resprayed naples red looks mint!
  350z & 16v Maxi

Yea but I thought you might have lacquered it anyway. Looks good, Im getting my sprayed the new BMW black which looks well shinny on the BM 330 I seen it on so hopefully mine will be the same and probably get an extra couple coats of lacquer to make sure it is.
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Here are three of ours cars, not how by total coincidence they are all the same colour! lol!

Going from left to right:

Clio_racer, andy16v, then me (timrud). Note I like lowered cars
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There is one of the fronts, but its even worse for darkness.

Would take one in the day but its not very often we all get to meet up then...

timrud, Whats your Car lowered by? and what size wheels do you have?

Do you have many problems with scrapping etc...?


Monk - yeah I sorta gathered they were monacos after checking the techno website. The Megane has the detroits.
-60 with 17s. Hmmm, I like that. Can you tell me what shocks youre using and did you have to take the inners (sh!t guards) out? Any scraping?

theyre with standard shocks at the moment, still give improve handling though, also theres no rubbing either, even with a full car, when i had 3 people at the back the top bit of the back wheels goes up into the arches

Mines on 15s

Its got -55mm Spax on the front (on standard shocks, bad I know, Im trying to destroy them before I get uprated ones...... )

God knows what the back of the car is, could be 60mm, could be more. I can have 5 people in the car, and not even a scrubbing noise. All rear plastic arch guards are intact and in place.

With a car full once I stopped the car, got out and measured how far the back of the car was off the ground. It was the metal bit of my ignition key off the floor, which I was very impressed with! The rear arch covers up all the tyre and about an inch or two of the alloy with a car full too...

Next up 17s, but I think Id need a set of coilovers constructed for the front to be honest.....

timrud, Do you use MSN Messenger by any Chance?

I was looking at 15s with -55mm at the front, but the bodykit I want, the front is 4 inches deeper than the standard clio one... so after asking people with -55mm on 15s what their current ground clearence is, that would leave me with about 0.5inches ground clearence!?

Thats probably a little too crazy with our roads.

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

0.5 inches!!! jesus!! im 4.5 and only just make it over the speed bumps at work

Yes I use MSN, its

BUT I warn you Im rarely on! lol

Right, Ill hunt a pic of the front of my car on the internet, give me a minute.

What kit are you going to put on? Must be crackers to only give you only 0.5 inches of ground clearence! I wanna see pics, coz I bet it looks ace!

Where are you from, if you live near-ish me (Sheffield) or near ish Nottingham (where I am most sunday nights) you can come and have a look....


  Shiny red R32

Hope there wont be any potholes where this extremely low car will be driven, otherwise the bottom of the spoliers will be scraped along the ground! How would you open the doors near a kerb? Would the bottom edge rub on the pavement?


Then to Reviews

Then to Sc***horpe, and mine is far right on the top row of pictures. Shock that was taken in daylight! lol!

And also it is on the Leicstershire Cruise review, second row of pics, in the middle!

And if you goto the download link on the revievs page (at the bottom) and then download the video "Tim on the M18" (its only small) you can see the car in action.... (Thats only with me in, looks a LOT lower with peeps in the back...)

Looks like the swear filter doesnt like sc***horpe very much! lol!

Yes my door does hit curbs sometimes, just have to be vigelant.....

Yea, Im near Nottingham myself...

The kit I want is the PSG/Prima Terminator kit. The front bumper is 17 inches deep from the top of the grill, to the bottom.

<a target="_blank" href=" Here!>

The Above link goes to Robs Website - its the same front and rear bumper as that.


ugh, forgot to close the link after "Click Here!". Arwell, more chance of clicking it now, eh?


Well Im on the circuit and at Castle Marina MacDs every Sunday night, you ever go down?

I finish work at 8 (in Sheffield), meet some cars at the first services on the M1, then Im there for about 9:15 usually.

Drop me an e-mail at if you fancy meeting up (dont use Hotmail one, I rarely check it)...

nah, never been. Might have to sort something out - wont be this week though.

Im still wondering whether -55mm on 15s is a sane idea. Wont leave much clearence - might start losing the bumper on a daily basis. :-/


Look at my front bumper, its as near as identical as the one your on about, and its fine.

You have to push things to the limit in this world lol!

timrud, I see you have a phase3.. (Same as mine with rounded headlights)...

Could you measure the distance from the top of where your original grill was... to the bottom of your current bumper?

And what clearence do you have at the moment? (Bottom of Bumper to Floor)

The reason Im asking is, Im going to be getting some alloys very soon... and its a decision between a slammed clio on 15s or a semi-slammed clio on 16s.
15s seem to be a better option at the moment, mainly because I want to keep the car as quick as it is at the moment... dont wanna lose the little power I have.


Right, Ill do it tommorow.

I remember when I was looking to get my bumper I was asking people the same questions!

As a rough guide if I put my elbow on the bottom of the headlight with my arm outstreched, I could touch the floor with the end of one of my fingers.... That make sense?

Like I said, Ill get you some accurate measurements tommorow!!

Stick with 15s IMO, 16s seem a lot of hasstle to me (but one day I will get 17s on LMAO )