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Pics Of Ferrari F50 (OOPSS)

  Revels Mum & Sister

Thought it was the enzo. Am sure it is!!!!!

But yeah is gorgeous. Backboxes are tiny!! Like few inches of pipe between each box and the manifold/downpipe!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Hehe Just reliased that. Edit the post. Hehe DICKhead springs to mind!!!

I did nearly cough my load when I saw it!! But thats a different story. And the sound. Ear piercing, but ummm wish my Clio made that noise. The response on that was amazing. Way it picked up and revved off the limiter was unreal!!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

I thought I would bring out my Ferrari for the boys. Doesnt get much use you see.

Needs to be run occasionly. Was fun watching the old bloke try and get it over the f**k off slope at the end of the yard.

Bloody boyed up lowered cars!!! hehe! The bloke who owns this has 2 of these puppys amongst other stuff!!!!! NICE!!!

I like the overall profile of the F50 but the front is ugly, it cant compare to the gorgeous F40. If anyone goes to brands they might of seen the Jag Etype which eats these for breakfast..




rob that e-type is silly its got like 500-600bhp

rob you gotta remember that people dont get to see such exotica very often

i know i start pointing and jumping up and down when i see a 355 let alone and f50.

Its also nothing like an E Type really but its hilarious watching it lap F40s and XJ220ss

Id be doing a similar thing as you, but the F40 is like the god of all cars, i would of hoped the F50 would be step forward not a step back

That was up for sale last year in Statstone in Wilmslow last year sat in a corner out of view.

Price on the window £299,995.

Looks a complete beast

Its an F f**KIN 60 boys !!! the 50 is way boxier and came out in the early 90s trust me on this if you go find a book of old supercars the f50 will be in it and looks quite alot different

Me and my house mate are doing a track day at thruxton, driving loads of cars inc Formula Renault single seater and about a dozen laps in a F355!!!

Top crimbo prezzie from our rather lovely girliefriends

Gonna wait till later in the year, less chance of rain/ better track temp.

Cant fookin wait.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Its not! The F40 (1987) had a nice smooth front, then came the F50 (1995) which is the first pic (with the F50 vent obviously) and then the Enzo, aka F60, which is a lot more angular and has some mad elongated F50/360 modena mix going on at the front. Its only recently come out so how have there been hundreds of fibre glass copies of the vent already fitted to cars at least a year ago?

Quote from "The Enzo Ferrari will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the Paris International Motor Show on the 28th of September 2002. Just 399 examples will be built."

yup was having a blonde moment at work the 40 was the pretty stripped out boxy effort from 87 so ignore my earlier confusion :confused: boy did i feel stupid when i remembered :p:oops:

308 gtb is my that is.....

i dont usually get worked up too much with this stuff......unfortunately in HK where evrey 2nd car is a merc S class, to stand out you need exotica like this to stand out. Even porsches are common. In fact HK has the highest ratio of Porsches per KM of rd.....a 1:1 ratio!!!!

also, there are 2 F50s within the 700m along my rd......not to mention the masses of other really takes the excitement away.........most of then total the damn cars too!!!

that wrecked exotica site, way too many on there from HK.....including the Pagini Zonda...