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pics of K-tec dual 3’s

im sure daz took some pics of some 172s with D3s at the mids RR on Saturday, not sure of the link on his site though

I like the look of the K-tec twin pipes, IMO 3" is just right for the Clio. Is K-Tec system loud as I prefer a subtle system. Thanks.

thats enough.... what is it at the flywheel dude.. looks cheeky too think i might get that one fitted... and a viper :devilish:

i have the k-tec 6x3 oval, think its designed for the 172

ill try and find the pics daz took on saturday
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Quote: Originally posted by jimblive on 18 February 2003

whats the sound like @ around 80-90?

is it booming?
Noisiest at around 80-85, not really boomy but noisy. Was much worse when it was new though - its quietened down a lot at motorway speeds since then.

Quote: Originally posted by clioman on 18 February 2003


where u get ur spoiler from its looks nice?.
i believe that it is a renault spoiler, they do have it listed in their parts diretory

dont think its an option,

but it costs around 140+vat then the cost of spraying and fitting on top of that, not sure if the brake light is included though, if not thats extra cost