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Pics of my Dimma -



shi* mate that car is cleeeeeeeeean

you selling it?

the only thing i dont like are the vents on the side fill em and smoothe em and they would be loverly

or maybe buy some v6 vents and fit them in
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Yeah i have considered filling the vents, but i actually like them now ive got used to it - in the flesh it looks even better - honestly!!

Im just sorting out the wheels as we speak, got some good ideas for this car without changing the over all appearence, it will look sweet

Nice very nice, leave the vents alone they look good but it would look nice if you could get the bump strips removed and smoothed.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Ok ok peeps - ill change it lol!

If you saw it in the flesh, youd like it even more!! Its sitting on a slope so the height looks a bit strange, but then when i get my new *cough* 18s *cough* ill get the suspension re-setup!

Wow! Looks stunning. I mean really stunning!:eek:

Its only my personal taste, but Id have the original slim-line spoiler or a Prima one put one, as they draw the eye more naturally then to the arches.

I can see why you want 6k + but unless your selling to an enthuiast with a lot of moolah then you probs wont get the 6k...

if I had 6k to spend on it, it would be mine :)