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Pics of my new car


  Shiny red R32


What pretty seats you have in your Billabong - a cool shade of aquamarine!



Mine has 80 bhp but soon it will have 103bhp for only £400!!

with the Tunit activated, the figure climbed to 103bhp at the same 4,000rpm, a power increase of 21%. Although we were unable to measure equivalent torque figures on this occasion, approximate calculated figures (from the power graph) work out at a standard 138 lb ft and a tuned 164 lb ft, both at around 2,400rpm, compared with the factory-quoted maximum of 136 lb ft at 2,000rpm. These are more than impressive figures from 1.5 litres, and in a car which weighs only 1,000kg they equate to performance something in line with that of a 130bhp TDI VW Passat or Audi A4

  Lionel Richie

I can feel a 1.2 16V thrash coming soon!!!!! I HAVE THE UKS MOST POWERFUL 1.2 16V CLIO (so does bambam) SO I WILL WIN
  Lionel Richie

How do you figure that out tom????? 1lbft???? Im putting a MAX POWER sticker on when i get home, minimum 10bhp extra!!!!!

My car is decked (obviously i wont be racing with the 17s on) so i will out handle you all on my knackered shocks!!!!!

damn you, you must keep the 17s on you no good cheat!

Toms got 80kg in his boot so ill be laughing as i blast past him

Well spotted that man, a woman hit my car and lifted it up in the process whilst reversing into a space next to me. The cheeky b**ch drove off whilst i was watching from the otherside of the carpark. I pulled the bumper back into shape by hand! On the other side of the car is a major scratch of my own doing though! Its not a cheap ownership experience for an 18 year old..

i made a 1/4m run yesterday without the ICE in the boot, also ditched the spare wheel, made no difference to my times

i think my 1.2 would be the quickest, it has a very light amount of ICE, joint highest power output (for a 1.2) in the club, and very consistant driver skills, also has been lowered just enough to handle beatifully without being too coarse



pah rubbish

mine would whoop yours in a 1/4 mile

more torque produced at over 500 rpm earlier than you

as for power my exhaust should be finished by now and my secret induction should make a big difrence

plus the turbo and the nitrous ;)

and im a better driver

right, i think there is gonna have to be a meet arranged for a dragstrip in the near future, just to see what is what

** also, does anyone know of a company who may be prepared to bore out the engine from its existing 1149cc state???? **

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 03 March 2003

lol i know your joking but i thought that a while back and im going to give it a go!
You wont do it with a hair dryer but you will with a heat gun or paint stripper. but be carefull too much will melt it