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Pipercross or K&N induction kit

  Skoda Fabia vRS

id go with pipercross i think, prefer foam filters

though id probably try Ramair first or ITG
  Clio 1.8 16v

its not the induction kit that make the noise its the throttle body!!so i would go for the piper-x because they are less restrictive than the k&N +my valver sounds better than my mates only difference is that i have a piper-x n he has a k&N and also the k&N melts under the bonnets only if it gets too hot hope this helps

partially correct, but the ik causes a reduction in the silencing ability..

ie, the IK causes more noise t be heard.. from the induction system..
  Lionel Richie

The pipercross indcution kit on the 1.2 16v is the quietest one ever!!!! no load roar or anythnig like that, my car feels quicker with the original airbox on
  Skoda Fabia vRS

id diagree on the noise front, i think that cotton gauze filters are generally a lot noisier than foam ones, though ive never heard paper/foam on a 1.2 16v so i cant comment specifically

Ive always thought of K&N as an intermediate between foam and the standard paper filter.I think it possibly filters slightly better than a foam filter, but is also slightly more restrictive.I used to race model cars and foam was always prefered over a K&N cloth filter.The K&Ns were good for running in engines but only because they filtered slightly better.Although I did fit one on my MR2 ... made it sound like it had a V8 under the bonnet lol...

I have a friend with an old mini cooper... he just fits a piece of gauze over the carb inlet ... no foam or cloth... I think he just wants to stop the large objects going in the carb... like rocks..