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Pistonheads Meet Sunday 8th July

  Mini 1000/172/Leon
Hello thought I would post this up here as its a Midlands based meet and would be nice to get a few of you to come and meet some Midlands people off this site.

Venue is The Chase Golf Club in-between Staffordshire and Cannock postcode ST19 5RN
Currently they are a 101 cars going including my ph2 172 a friends ph1 172 and a Fiesta 1.7 Puma and Saxo VTS who will be driving up in convoy from the Walsall areas. Mix of cars coming but already on the list is a Megane RS250 and a Clio 197 amongst others such as a Ferrari 355 and an Audi R8. They will be a bbq and a bar on as well and they are currently around 8 (maybe 10) spaces left so if people are interested let me know and I will let the person on PH know and get us on the list.

If people wanted to convoy up happy to meet in the Walsall area and if a proper moderator for the region wants to take over control of this thread please do as not met anyone from the site yet just thought would be a good little meet and be nice to get a few clio's there :)

Link Here!!+Local+Meet+8/7/12,+with+bar!


  Mini 1000/172/Leon
I wouldn't call pistonheads a chavvy site and its its a golf course so not exactly a place where chavs hang out. Also didn't think chavs could afford Ferrari's, Aston Martins, Porsche's or Catherhams yet most chavvy cars would be me and my mates clio to be honest :/


  Clio Trophy
Doesnt sound chavy to me, I would of liked to go but dont think I can make it
  Mini 1000/172/Leon
Fair enough's :)
They are 2 maybe 3 of us going in 172's at the moment so as said if anyone wants to come and convoy down just post in here :)


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
I wont be able to as have busy day, we have regular meet on Monday. :)