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Plastic panels on Clios .......


  Shiny red R32

How many of the panels on the Mk2 172 are made of plastic?

I realise that I could check it out, but I have only just thought about it!


The front 2 wings are PLASTIC (actually fibre glass), your front and rear bumpers are also, but these are reinforced witht the chasis.

not fibreglass..... as this would crack and cost too much to manufacture in large numbers.

The new laguna though has loads of plastic and aluminium all over it~!!!!

i could only find a few metal bits haha!

oh, and ypu, just teh front wings.....
  Clio 1.6 16V

The front wings are not fiberglass, but made of a special carbon based plastic material called NORYL. Other plastic panels on the newer clios are the front/rear bumpers, rear roof spoiler and side sills (172). Also, whilst on the subject of lighter materials, the bonnet on many clio sport models are made from aluminium.
  Clio 1.6 16V

Apologise for going off topic (plastic to ally) here!

Almost right Fred2001Dynamic.;) I had a 2000 1.6 16v sport (first with twin optic headlights, later the RSi) with an ally bonnet. My later 2001 1.6 16v Dynamic+ which replaced this model didnt. My current 2002 MK2 172 appears to have one.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

LOL GR.. Been to my Renault dealer this morning - theyre setting up a massive Scalextric track for the weekend to tempt the local petrol-heads in for a drive in the new Megane. The model cars have a lot of plastic panels but no rattles or squeaks.