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please can someone do me a favour!!

and pull the central locking fuse out of their MK2 clio, and then tell me if the courtesy light goes out, the lights dont come on and it wont start.

Im trying to find out why my hazard lights keep coming on and i think its something to do with this


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on your other tread i posted that the hazard light switch is linked to the UCH which is under the glove box
picture >

see if there are any loose connections first but you might need a new one as they break easy
i have one spare if you want to buy it or if you live near manchester nip round and try it

already had the UCH and the hazard light switch replaced and this has not fixed it. Taking it to renault tommorow but im getting the impression they dont know what is up with it.

the reason why i was asking about the central locking fuse is i measured the voltage on the two terminal of the fuse holder, one was reading 13 volts and the other was at 1.4 volts so im thinking there is an earthing problem somewhere as this should be close to zero