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my dual optic headlights came and i also ordered some LED sidelights... how do i take out the old bulb to put in the LED ones?

ive got the actual bulb in my hand with the metal thing at the base of it... i just dont know what to do aha
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Right, the LED sidelights jsut twist and turn in.
Locate what part of the light it is in. (What section)
take that back cover off.
There should be a small bulb holder with two wires coming off of it.
Twist this and then pull out the old bulb.

Repeat in reverse.

NP. LED bulbs require the correct polarity, meaning if the bulb isnt the correct way round it wont work. So fit the bulb, test it, if it doesnt work, flip it round 180 degrees and it should work. Do this before refitting.


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Have you posted this twice or has my phone messed up??

You pull the 2 little clips off and then the holder will come out.