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Please do not race me

This goes out to the white Focus and black Astra drivers who persist in sitting 1/2" from my rear bumper on my way to work.

It is not so much fun when the situation is reversed is it. You all of a sudden get very defensive when you realise you cannot get out of the way fast enough and decide to give me "the brake test".

Yes very amusing. Now !$*# off.

Message ends.
  Leon Cupra

Hi Mag,

You been back on the rollers since the day at Powerstation the guy there said you needed a service didnt he??

  Leon Cupra

Baffled same hear, gona ask the dealer what they have done to it when i go to pick it up. Renault UK wont give me the damage report which seems a bit dodgy, looks as if they are trying to cover somthing up to me.


Tim, just a thought. Ask for a copy of everything with your name on it under the Data Protection Act.

They are duty-bound to give you a copy of absolutely everything (might have to pay a small admin fee).


my car had an oil and filter change at 6000 miles when I went on the rollers it had covered 6500.

The service light came on due to the rear wheels not turning whilst on the rollers. Something to do with the ABS I think.

As soon as I drove up the road the light went out. What he did say is that I may have lost a couple of BHP due to a dirty air filter.

the Data protection ruse wouldnt work in all fairness. the info is on the car, not the person, therefore not covered in the full sense of the law.

wnader round to the workshop and ask them ??.


would love to know..