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hi guys been away for a while but my valver is seriously pissing me off at the moment. and been busy trying to fix it

right everyone dont stop reading ok this is gonna be long but any help will be appreciated right

right the thing is my car is running like pig poo what it is its just began to idle at 500 rpm and when moving its revs fluctuate like mad all over the place. this is the cars own doing with me holding the accelerator where it is, still. when i boot it the car just jerks up and down the road and its def sounds like its seriously miss firing badly, nick hill said take it too him to look at but this was a week ago and the car is barely driveable now. however past 4 k revs it pulls like a good un much faster then usual. i thought it was the dizzy cap so replaced and the rotor. replaced the spark plugs too, im left hoping its the leads and almost all the sensors are new on my car the leads are magnecor ones and quite new so should these not break down so quikly

im left out of sorts as ive just spent £300 on new starter motor. new alternator, the work he did on these are second to none but could he of un plugged or knocked something without knowing that would affect my car this bad.

captain slarty and ben r are quite good at these things. i really dont wanna take it to reno and the hill power is too far away as id bb tunning in the cars current condition

please help


Wongy M8.

sounds like fueling, not ignition here. or to be more precise, sounds like, from the description u have given, an induction leak or ISCV hunting / not working..

More than likely a pipe come detatched from the inlet manifold, check all breather pipes etc.

also, check the ISCV Idle speed control valve for a secure electrical connection.

if that dont sort it, then disconnect the pipe from the non plenum end of the icsv and temporarily plug it, the idle may be ok or crap, but see how it goes through the rav range..

you seem to have eliminated most ignition probs, so might be best to look at the above..

hope it helps, and let me know how u go on...


thinking about this a wee bit more, if u have had starter and alt replaced, that involves both sides of the engine - back n front.. so it would be worth checking carefully for any loose sensor wiring or pipes / hoses..

could just be something displaced.


cheers cap

ill have a look at that then, which is the plenum end!!!! too techinical for me. me and the mechanic is gonna have a good butchers tomorrow under the engine but all seem fine. its was doing what i described before and after the alternator and starter only a million times worse though,

only gotta check the leads next then its gotta be a breather/vacuum pipe or sensor but i did not think a sensor could through a car off this bad

ill let you know ok