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Pms air con delete kit.

  Clio 172 phase 1
Any one fitted one ?? Fancy getting one the end of the month as it's something I want to get gone... But how hard is it looks simple untill it goes into blanking this and cutting that?.... Reviews please it's being removed to save weight
  Clio 172 phase 1
I'm looking at the pms shifter too what's it like I'm thinking that's a deffo buy .... But I'm also looking at silicone coolant hoses or the aircon delete kit .... Hmmm :) just need to see what the fitting of the delete kit was an on the drive job or if it was a total ball ache lol


  Z4, VW172, R26
No idea ive not got it back yet but Dan said it's brilliant.. Can't wait to book a track day..

Pat 182

ClioSport Club Member
  cliosport 182
Hi Ryan,

Weight saving on bits you take off is 11kg getting box out under windscreen is right pain!!

Blanking plate easy ;)

The link on PMS is very useful to follow :approve:

Cheers Pat
  Clio 172 phase 1
Sounds good to me :) just out of curiosity how much dan do you charge to install this kit? I'm thinking I could wait a month and have it done properly and not have to fuss about :) ......
  ph2 172
I took my air con off and just replaced the bottom idler pulley for a larger one. Cost was about £17 and does the job!


ClioSport Club Member
It's really very easy to fit as the instructions supplied by pms are very good. The blanking plate I made from a thick take away tub, it really isn't engineered and doesn't need to be. As above though you look a serious amount of stuff. You can just change the idler but a second hand pms kit is the way forwards. I don't think it's worth the new cost but for £70 or something it is :)