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Polite notice to the nissan 180...

... that cut me up last night in the wet whilst my gf was in the car. If you do that again I swear to god i will run you off the f**kin road you idiot. If youre gonna try and race scoobies then get a faster f**kin car.

The prick cut in front of me and then the lights went red so he stamped on the anchors right in front of me - not best pleased, I work out what hes up to when i see a scooby take a little short cut at the lights and blink his hazards on and off - presumably at my mate in the 180. He pulls away so I pull along side him and salute him. As I pass he races out behind me and starts flashing his lights. Ive made my point by now so I move ove and let the prick get on with it