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Poll: Which simota to go for?

  Nissan 350Z
OK, i would add a poll but it appears you cant do it on this forum?? So I'll just ask anyway...

I am soon going to buy a simota induction kit, however, I am unsure as to which one I should buy.

Theres one called a carbon charger, which appears as though its a sealed unit somewhat like a viper that replaces the stock airbox / filter.

Or theres the other one, called a twin charger, which is a standard open cone design, however it has piping that puts the cone in front of the battery where it is a lot cooler.

The carbon charger is £20 more than the twin charger.

I am primarily hoping to achieve an impressive induction roar above all else. Not really going after power as I know its unlikely to give any extra anyway.

Which one would you guys go for?
  RenaultSport Clio 182 CUP

Not sure what the gains are to be honest as the graph shown is from Simota website for the clio 182. But what I can say about it is that its top quality and sounds the don. Iv got a janspeed exhaut on my 182 which isnt much louder than standard and if you look at these vids, its all induction noise :0)

Definately felt better after taking my old viper off and replacing it with the aeroform as well.