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Pollen filter...

Its to stop dirty etc getting into the car aircon system if you have aircon you have one if not you don't.
  1.6 focus zetec....
Right...basically i went out the car this morning and i noticed my passenger footwell was flooded!! At first i thought it was because id had a repair on the dor and it wasnt aligned properly until....i had a fiddle behind the dash and found the damp proofing absolutely ringing wet!! Took the car to my birds dads and he said it was the pollen filter that was nakered.... But why would the passenger footwell flood??

  Volvo S60 T5
Blocked Air Con Drain point, needs to be up on a ramp really to get to it.
If you take the pollen filter out and the box the filter sits in has a puddle of water in it then its that.
  1.6 focus zetec....
Ive got a focus mike but thanks anyway mate!! I know where the pollen filter is so i can check if its what youve explained!!