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Poorly Car

  MR2 Mk1 - AW11

I think my car is trying to tell me something...

The bleepy thing wont lock my driver door... but locks everything else.

is it goning to be expensive to fix?

also my CD play is playing up, cant decide which speaker to play out of.

So all in am i looking at loads to fix both problems?


Jem x
  Golf R/Leon FR

if your speakers are playing from different speakers all the time its probably the wiring has come loose, all you need to do is have a look at the wires behind the speakers.

as for the key it sounds as though the mechanism has broken that locks the door it happened to me on my old clio, not hard to fix put you need to take the door card out to fix.

dont think itll be expensive though

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  MR2 Mk1 - AW11

Speaker thing has only been the last few days or so.

any idea on how to fix my door.. its driving me mad...

  Golf R/Leon FR

you need to take the door card out of the drivers door, then have a look to see whats causing the door not to lock.

you may need to take the handle out and have a look at the rod thats attached to the handle

also it could be the lock itself, it might be loose and will need tightening.

dont know if this helps
  172 cup'd extreme

you have an Authentique so only speakers in the front and it doesnt lock your drivers door.... tells me the rubber connection between your car and door has come loose or some wires inside have broken (common)