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Clio mk 2 stereo fader issue


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Hi all, I bought my first Clio a 2002 172 ph2 a few weeks ago.

Playing around with the stereo I noticed that the Balance adjustment works ok but the fader adjustment will not stop the signal going to the rear speakers. Even at 9 in the front and 0 at the rear I am still getting some volume from rear right and nearly full volume at rear left.

I thought maybe the previous owner had done some dodgy wiring so when I added a little 4 X 50w amp I ran new wiring from the amp to the rear speakers. This has not fixed the issue so is now making me think it is the factory head unit.

Attached is the wiring diagram I used to connect to the amp.

Has any one else had this issue?


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