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Portfolios/Personal Sites

I know a few people have got them. I really keep meaning to sort one.

I'm fussy with design. I have no idea how I want it to look but I'll know when I see it if that makes sense. I want simple and effective. Might leave it all on one page..

So anyone got links to good ones they've seen. Their own. Ideas how they'd like theirs to look. Hook me up!
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Re: Porfolios/Personal Sites

You missed the T on the Portfolios Revels. ;)
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heh i never tire of looking at your images steve :)
I guess it depends on how u want to present them, most top end sites are flash based to prevent easy stealing of pics (suprised yours is not steve but the subhect matter work really well on the blog type)
Thanks for posting mine wolf.
Like you Revels, I wanted something EXTREMELY simple, nothing flashy (but still in flash ;))

I am very happy with what I came up with, as it's just for viewing photos, I think it does the job effectively.
It is only simpleviewer, but you can customise it to take the 'tackyness' out of it, which hopefully I did too :)

Here's another really simple one too (and a great photographer!)
I still love mine after all these years, not the prettiest site (it's fully customizable, but I wouldn't have a clue how), but bulletproof in the extreme, which has been very useful when I've had to send off electronic 'portfolios' to magazines etc in the past...