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possible gearbox issues , please help :(

  Focus RS + S3
bit of a strange one,

whilst driving the car earlier i tried to select first to go over a speedbump and it just would not go in at all, same as reverse, pulled off in second then and moved a few feet, and now the gears select as normal, no loss of drive etc, but when driving in all gears i can now hear a 'rubbing' like sound that goes in time with the rotation speed of the wheels if that makes sense lol

any ideas?

its late and dark and i cant see anything obvious yet, im panicing tbh so hit me with good/bad news lol :(
  Focus RS + S3
well its got worse, grinding whilst driving now, garage told me the bearing in the diff have gone so im guessing its rebuild time :(
  Focus RS + S3
just put the car up on axle stands and "drove it" and was grumbling/grinding as the wheels turned, so im back thinking box as the clutch isnt being used, sorry but im useless at things like this
whether you have you 're foot down on the clutch pedal or not the clutch release bearing is constantly spinning.