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  04 clio extreme 4
I have the same problem on a 1.2 16 valve mk2 ph2 extreme 4. Ive cleaned the sensor and the connectors. I stalled it today and it came on. Electrical fault light and then engine light and limp mode. Thinking its the connection points of the wires in the connectors. Shall try that ecu and fuse plug points. Does anyone know where to get a new accelerator to throttle body cable with ends?
  04 clio extreme 4
Cleaned the white connector in the fuse box. Pain in the tit to get to and most probably removed more than i needed after finding it just pops up, but i like access. Was incredibly damp and there was some floaty stuff in there. Put back together and the car started with no lights. Havent driven it anywhere yet but will go do a good 50mile round trip and report back