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Possible new club ITEM

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I am in negotiations with a company that can offer us a Malicious Damage insurance for £39 per annum and covers all sorts of malicious damage, you are allowed 3 claims a year and a total of £1500 for these things to be fixed.

I will post the full details of what it covers up here later when I get home but I can tell you it covers things like

People keying up your car etc..

I am wondering on initial post how many people would be interested in something like this ?

Me too, hope to be moving soon and will have to park the car on the street so would be excellent if I could get malicious damage cover !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I cant let anyone know of the info until I get a rough idea if this is going to be a good thing to pursue.

Boyracer666 ??? Try Dentdevils etc.
  320d M Sport

deffo interested. If the policy was top notch id probably even pay more to be honest (that way the club could benefit too).

I too am very interested..............

but i was just wondering what if people decided they needed a full car respray....then came out the next day to find some arsehole had keyed every panel of their car!?!

£39 for a whole respray sounds a good deal!? :p