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**Post your iPod installs!**


ClioSport Club Member

Im looking into installing my iPod into my clio atm and was wondering if anyone on here has any pics of their installs.

Also, i know im being cheeky but could you give some indication of cost. I realise it wont plug into the standard head unit so whats the best, good quality head unit for the job?

Thanks in advance!


the alpine head units can control your ipod. that would be ya best bet. or even better buy a head unit capable of playing dvds as audio cds then ya can put 18gb of music onto one disc. (dual layer double sided). then ya dont have to plug ya ipod in or even have it in ya car.

i shall be posting up some pics today at about 6:00pm for you when im hope. Il rip it all out for you as i was going to make a walkthrough. Ive got the Denison Ice>Link which connects up to the Stereo through a connects2 sony CD changer adapter.
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

ive got a alpine 9831r plus ipod interface, worth the monry anyday.

cost £267 all in off ebay, my local alpine dealer wanted around £450!!

post up pics in a bit mate.


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

all the plastic surround was all loose so i put those screws in to fix it all down

Ive got my Ipod flush mounted where the ash tray is !! got a console from a crashed 172 and modded it to fit. I can still get into the underneath of the ash tray too !!