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Power cable

  Clio III 1.2 Turbo SX

Hi all,

Im new here and im looking at running a mono amp and sub in my 04 clio. Iv managed to get the 4 guage power cable through the grommet from the battery using the guide but where now? Going through the bulkhead looks a bit tight.

Cheers for any help
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro

wot i did was drill a hole through the bulk, put a grommet through, feed the wire through the gromment then seal it with silicone!

then run the wire down the side of the car
  Ziel Nurburgring

So youve got the cable into the cabin? If so, just remove the rubber seal in the door frame and run it down the channel to the rear. Should be pretty simple, the 172 was the easiest car ive ever done