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Powerboost Foam

dk blue - torque b4 foam

Pink - torque after foam

yellow - bhp b4 foam

lt blue - bhp after foam

Still unclear as to what the foam is? And where does it go?

Seems a bit shifty to me. Ive seen a few products before, in Halfords, etc, that make ridiculous claims of 30% more power, etc, etc. Theres a lot of those things on QVC aswell that claim 20% savings on fuel consumption, etc, etc. Im a bit dubious as to all those "Wonder Products", the point is, if theyre that good then why doesnt everyone use them all the time? Why havent we heard of them before? And the absolute killer question has to be........if theyre so unbelievably good, why are they being advertised on a late night shopping channel along side orthopaedic pillows?

However, if the foam is pink.............then its cool........and probably worth an extra 10BHP!!

there are performance increases from using the foam, just nothing special

no idea where is goes, or what it does, but my guess would be that it de-cokes the engine

BRUN, still looking for miricle cure in a bottle......?

now available in handy easy foam!

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Just seems the same as 10k boost but made in a foam by ecotek manufacturers. If it does decoke the engine through throttle body and apply better through being a foam may be a good idea. Dont think these are wonder cures just like injector cleaners arent but must help restore lost power rather than enhance performace through restoring back to normal parts that do get clogged up.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

it is indead like 10k Boost but in a foam medium

however ive never ever seen a RR graph of before and after with other products, and if you care to phone MPC they will confirm the results above are genuine

just thought you would all want to see something that has PROVEN benefits

These seem to be much the same as 10k boost, but i would be of the opinion that if you use a quality fuel like optimax which has lots of detergents and cleaning agents in it then your engine wouldnt be so crappy as to need it.

But on an old engine using mostly cheap/sh*t supermarket fuel all its like then it could be of use as these fuels are of inferior quality

My 2p


  Skoda Fabia vRS

just like to point out that Morrisons use Texaco fuel, so it isnt some cheapo nasty stuff

I wont increase performance only help to get back what might have been lost on a higher mileage engine.

I doubt I would notice any benefit on mine (35K miles)

Its just glorified carb cleaner but a lot more expensive due to marketing buzz words like power boost bhp etc

Thus ends my sceptical analysis
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, yea it just gets back what you lost, but id like to see a carb cleaner get back that much torque

call me naive but i hadnt thought that you get different quality fuels at different garages!

what are the good fuels then? and what are the sh*tty ones to avoid?

...oh and have just been to ekoteks site - i suppose its not gonna do much on a 60k engine if the 74k valver didnt get much increase (compared to the escort - crazy dyno torque readings if true!)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i only use Shell Optimax myself, my car doesnt seem to like Texaco fuel, always seems to run crap on it

if im stuck then Total is just as good as the Shell........IMO
  BMW 320d Sport

Well 10k boost has always had a good effect on my car, but then I do run it purposely slightly rich to be on the safe side when using nitrous. Foam 10k boost I should imagine would work even better cos half the time the spray doesnt go where you want it to.