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Pre facelift foglights?

  Clio 1.2 8v / DC2-R
I'm looking at fitting front foglights to our Clio, after a fair bit of searching it seems abit hit and miss as to wether the car will have the required parts. So before I go buy a set of foglights and a stalk can someone tell me where I need to look to check if the car has the wiring loom for plugging the fogs into?

Ive took both foglight covers off and can not find and connectors in the immediate area, where do I need to look?

Also if it has the relay, where would that be? Is it one of the ones under the glovebox? If so which one is it? Any pictures would be great as this subject seems very vague when searching for info.

Thanks in advance!
  Mk3 clio 1.5
if you havent got the stalk for the fog lamps and have blanks inserted it would be highly doubted the loom would be there, but sometimes renault will use spare looms when mking the car, so unless you have a search for it i doubt you couuld possibly get the answer.

alternativly you can just wire the fogs up to battery and a switch placed somewhere on dash on console, and use that instead would be far easier and cheaper.