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pre heating warning loght (i think) clio sport 2002

  clio sport 172 ph2
hey all

i have a light that comes on quite rarely, but today its been on twice, once this morning togoto work, and when i left work it wa fine, it came on again when i needed to move the car again

Its a Square one with a jagged line through it, when this happens, anything above 3000 RPM i get no power, if i turn the engine off and back on again its fine

I dont know if its related, but this light came on when my exhaust broke, when i bought a new exhaust the light went off again and stayed off for ages, now its comming on again ever now and again
  clio sport 172 ph2
any ideas ?

car was fine today, its so intimitant that the light comes on, i'll have to check to see if the rvs change when it coms on again next